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Amazing Grace - Pr. Juneroy Nugent

How can you forgive someone when often times they are not even sorry for what they have done, or have harmed you so regularly that their apologies feel insincere. How can God expect me to forgive them simply because they asked, it doesn't seem fair.

The examples of grace given in the Bible and by Jesus bare a stark contrast to our modern notions of justice and fairness, it is often difficult to reconcile Gods standards of grace with our social norms today, especially with our current and ever growing divisions. Outrage culture has us looking for more ways to divide each other into groups of us and them, with nobody looking for ways to bridge the gap, nobody seeking to understand opposing perspectives or "extend an olive branch", have we arrived at a point where we have forgotten how to forgive?

In this sermon titled Amazing Grace, Pastor Juneroy Nugent delves into the fabric of grace as God intended it, and as he puts it, "there's no other word for grace but amazing.

Listen and be blessed.