Life Lessons from Luke
Jesus Wants You (Luke 10:38-42)

by Victoria Okotie – Katy Church Sabbath School Superintendent

Jesus is pulled in like a parent to sort the disagreement between siblings. In His infinite wisdom, He both gently chides and encourages the sisters. Martha is so focused today on hospitality toward her guests that she de-prioritizes the value of sitting at Jesus’ feet to listen to Him. Her thoughts are filled with worry and anxiety. Martha is not satisfied with serving alone. She is distracted by Mary’s choice. She believes that if Mary joins her to serve all will be well. As a matter of fact, she may have even been jealous of her sister’s peace and tranquility. She wants Mary to feel the same anxiety the occasion demands, and she wants Jesus to chide Mary for not pitching in voluntarily. If truth be told, Martha is also upset that Jesus seems not to care that she is serving all alone.

This is what the cares of this life will do to one who is not intentional. The urgent will displace the important, and the inconsequential, those things that are most valuable. We become cranky and lose our peace. We feel like we are doing a most important work, and we want everyone to acknowledge it and jump in to help. However, there is a time for worship and a time for service. Without worship, we cannot effectively serve. Jesus calls the part Mary chose the good part – and He will not take it away from her. Sitting at Jesus’ feet and hearing His Word is the good part! We gain the strength, wisdom, and peace for life and service. If you want to be more like Jesus and effective in ministry this year, sit every day at Jesus’ feet. Do not allow anyone or anything to take that away from you.